Outside of the classroom, students are not encouraged to pursue their interests, learn new skills except studious one.

If you have the zeal then go for it yourself. You have to find your way . some teachers will help you and senior also are helpful here. BVPCOE has a nice campus life where students can take part in a wide range of activities,be it drama , dance , sports or technical. but this can seems to be can only from years because of administration.

It really depends on you actually ! How you make use of your college time ! You'll meet all sorts of people round here ! There are those who barely attend college...those who just sit in canteen....some who are found only in its all down to you ...the kind of people you interact and make friends with ! As for studies there is an unsaid rule ....start studying the day before the exam and you ll ace it smoothly ! (Very helpful in short term as tackles exam well but in long run its disastrous attitude) ! Finally hard work is over rated here so dont be surprised to find people who are big on why do you study talks !

Good luck and do manage yourself efficiently ! If you manage well college can be damn good fun !

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XTASY is the annual cultural fest of Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering .

XTASY, is the Cultural festival of the college, held biennially in the even semester.BVPCOE holds its annual cultural fest “XTASY ” with many interesting events. Events like Battle of Bands, Street Dance -Pump up the beat,DJ Night, Stand up comedy , Eloquent Personality witnessed some figures that even mathematics cannot justify. The level of event management saw new heights that left everyone ineffable. There was an air of zest, zeal, fun and excitement. Loads of interesting prizes are given to the winners that include cash prizes and gift vouchers .

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Ganesh chaturthi

Ganesh chaturthi is the annual Ganesh festival of Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering celebrated by managemnent.

Ganesh chaturthi, is the one of Cultural festival of the college, held in september .This is celebrated as most important fest of college.

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Ganesh chaturthi - CULTURAL FEST

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Evoluzione is an annual fest organised by the members of BVPCOE.

Evoluzione is an annual fest which witness a national level project exhibition competition called the "Dr.Homi Bhabha National Innovation Challenge", and a host of events like Arduino Speed Coding, Steganography, Exquizite(General Quiz), Google All, along with many other events. The college will invite students from all over the country to showcase their projects.

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The FERVOUR IEEE Society of Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Engineering ( BVPCOE).

IEEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for benefit of humanity. It is an initiative brought up by the faculty members and the students of BVPCOE to promote professional and educational activities and to foster the technological innovations. The orientation program was held in march which was followed by a two day IEEE-BVPCOE membership drive which received a warm response. Many initiatives are constantly being taken by this society which includes workshop on Android, Hacking and Cyber Forensics and Career destination in abroad. IEEE BVPCOE will continue to organize such workshops and seminars which benefit college students and strive them towards holistic approach..

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Students are an integral part of all campus events.

There engagement in XTASY , EVOLUZIONE , FERVOUR (IEEE) is phenomenal. The Library doesn't store books to it's full capacity,etc. XTASY and EVOLUZIONE are the technical and cultural fest of BVPCOE , respectively.Participating them is appreciable.

Sports and Recreation
Sports enthusiasts will find at-least something to engage themselves at BVPCOE Delhi,with basketball court , table tennis , badminton , volleyball court, football court .

Community Work and Social Causes
Students are not encouraged to give back to the society through social works. Some social drives do take place at the campus , but they don't get enough participation from college.

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